What Does “Zero Trust” Mean for Small Businesses?

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January 26, 2022
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New buzzword! You’ve heard it tossed around in IT and passed back and forth between network security providers. It’s easy to find many definitions, but what does “Zero Trust” really mean? Not just “in general,” but what does it mean for you and your business? What’s the point?

By Definition:

It’s a model. It’s a mindset. It’s a better approach. Zero Trust treats every communication as a vulnerability. Even with the right credentials, there’s no slipping under the radar. It trusts no one. 

Network defenses restrict access to any unauthorized users and devices. In our digital world, it’s getting harder and harder to decide who should be allowed access to your network. Traditional security measures can’t detect a fake once they’ve entered your network. Switching to the Zero Trust model lets you filter traffic proactively. That’s how you prevent attacks and protect what’s yours. 

Why Do I Need It?

There’s no pause button for small businesses. Sorry, but you know this already. You don’t have time for IT issues to disrupt your day. You need to access information that’s spread across devices and locations. There’s only one way to manage everything and keep your business, employees, and customers safe. There’s only one way to do it all the time without actually worrying about it all the time. Your solution? Secure your infrastructure, your all-encompassing landscape.

Traditional perimeter security won’t cut it. The “Verify, then trust” model makes you more exposed than ever. A secure infrastructure defends against evolving threats like malware, breaches, and hackers. It allows applications to work quickly and seamlessly while protecting your network and data at the same time. Without Zero Trust, you’re not fully covered. Nothing is guaranteed to be safe. 

With Zero Trust, you’re now demanding strict identity verification for all users and devices to enter a network. And you can limit user access once they’re inside. With these additional layers of protection, you can stop attacks before they start. That means the attacks you wouldn’t see coming. Breaches that happen inside the perimeter. Changes in protocol that trigger the unpredictable. By following a few simple cybersecurity standards, you can save time, money, and your data. 

How Will It Benefit My Business?

You can’t put a price on security. Zero Trust gives businesses like yours peace of mind. Shifting to a Zero Trust model eliminates future troubleshooting. It will strengthen your business system and processes to:

Prevent data breaches

Have more control over who’s let in your network

Expand security protection across multiple computing environments

Strengthen your breach control

Gain visibility into users, devices, and workloads throughout your network

Turn up the transparency

Continuously monitor and respond to signs of compromise

Zero Trust knows no downtime

Promise organizational security while still providing a consistent user experience

Don’t sacrifice efficiency for security

How to Establish a Zero Trust Model?

Now you have seen the benefits. It’s time to take action. DataVizion can easily transition you to a Zero Trust model that will modernize your operation and strengthen your defenses. We’ll help you determine and implement the next best steps for your small- to medium-sized business. Talk with our experts to schedule an assessment of your IT infrastructure. 


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