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Helping higher education institutions overcome contemporary challenges. 

Infrastructure Monitoring That Supports Education

Schools, technical colleges, universities, and other educational institutions highly rely on a functioning and high-performing IT infrastructure. With DataVizion, you have a comprehensive overview of the performance and availability of your IT infrastructure.

Work From Home With Secure Connectivity

Educational content is increasingly being offered online. Using the Aruba platform, DataVizion can use its expertise in remote connectivity solutions to extend the school or university securely to the home – managed by Aruba Central. 

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Aruba Central

Aruba Remote Access Points (RAPs) not only supply home wireless connectivity that is identical to an on-campus experience (down to the school or university SSID), but they also support Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP), ideal for non-technical home users. Aruba RAPs also support identity-based Zero Trust Security and cloud management designed from the ground up. This enables IT to function and troubleshoot from a remote location. DataVizion’s Aruba VPN soft client, VIA, for mobile devices such as phones and tablets, offers a secure solution that enables access and security from anywhere to provide a complete remote teaching and learning portfolio. 

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Stay Up to Speed

 The digitalization of education is evolving and raising expectations on CIOs to demonstrate how they can contribute to their institutions’ broader teaching and research mission while creating opportunities for a competitive advantage. As institutions rescale, reinvent, and retire services, they are now positioned to leverage technology and digital capabilities like never before. DataVizion’s innovation profiles highlight technologies that improve: learning, business outcome, enrollment management, student engagement, business practices, collaboration, integration, and leveraging data to support decision making. 

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