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We monitor financial IT to guarantee performance, clarity, and ease of use.

Our team makes monitoring financial IT simple without sacrificing performance. Financial IT encompasses the networks, infrastructure, systems, and applications financial institutions and service providers require. The past few decades have brought about massive digitalization for the financial sector and its IT systems. DataVizion ensures that your systems are available, stable, and secure. 

Digitalization of the Finance Sector

Rapid digitalization of financial systems and services has brought on massive changes: retail banks have moved online, transactions are processed electronically, and customers have access to more functionality than ever before. Financial IT environments have become more diverse as they meet modern requirements and regulations. Legacy systems interface with more modern systems and applications, cloud services provide vital functionality, and networks consist of hardware and protocols from many different vendors. This opens the infrastructure to more security risks and potential points of failure. The challenge is how to manage these heterogeneous infrastructures.

We Address Challenges Head-On

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Security remains the top priority and the top challenge. Today there are more ways for systems to be compromised. Hacked bank accounts and accounting systems, manipulated ATMs, and malware are just some of the risks. IT professionals in these environments need to ensure that all external and internal-facing networks utilize the latest security technology. 

Lack of Overview

Getting a meaningful overview of financial IT is tricky. There are systems and hardware from a variety of vendors in the environment. Many financial institutions operate across various locations, which means that IT networks are distributed and often separately managed.  

System Stability Is Crucial

IT downtime is money. Systems that are down can result in a loss of customer trust. A slow web server means potentially lost clients. Data loss can have severe repercussions. There are a lot of moving parts that could cause problems to keep track of. IT professionals need to ensure high levels of uptime across the board to keep the money flowing.

Identify the Right Monitoring Solutions

Security and reliability are key, and monitoring your infrastructure is vital in achieving both. But other factors also form part of the decision-making process: feature set, usability, price-performance ratio, licensing, implementation efforts, and technical support.

Choosing the Right Monitoring Tool

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Comprehensive IT Monitoring

The solution you choose should provide everything you need to cover all aspects of your infrastructure. Everything should be provided by one tool, ranging from all kinds of devices like switches, routers, servers, and storage systems to all the protocols you use in your environment.

System Security

The monitoring tool must be able to monitor firewalls, virus scanners, and other intrusion detection systems in your infrastructure. It should also detect potential security breaches and unusual network activity or bandwidth usage. Your tool should also provide an API so that you can bring data from non-IT security systems like CCTV systems into your monitoring concept. 


Flexibility & Scalability

Many financial institutions are large with operations spanning the globe. A monitoring tool needs to be flexible enough to handle the specifics of the financial IT infrastructure, while also being able to monitor large-scale networks across many different sites. The tool must offer the ability to scale with your network as new sites and devices are added.

Alerts & Notifications

When there’s a problem in your infrastructure, you need to know about it immediately. A good monitoring tool lets you define thresholds that are meaningful to your infrastructure. It should send alerts and notifications to the responsible IT team to resolve issues proactively.

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