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Modern hospitals are highly digitalized. Today, images are sent directly to monitors or the physician’s tablet. In most cases, doctors want fast access to patient data. Anything from an X-Ray, MRI or ultrasound image, laboratory results, the patient’s history, or details of the patient’s primary care physician. All this data is transported via the hospital system’s infrastructure. Today, most hospitals have a central communication server connecting these systems, so the doctor has access to patient information at any time.

Identify the Right Monitoring Solution

A monitoring solution for your classic and healthcare IT systems must comply with all standard requirements like feature set, usability, price-performance ratio, licensing, implementation efforts, and technical support.

Change Your Focus

Classic IT Infrastructure

All medical devices require a classic IT infrastructure for communication. This infrastructure looks after the data transfer and provides the hardware for the system network. Cables, switches, servers, and storage systems are required, along with WIFI and its access points. 

Comprehensive IT Monitoring

Only when classic IT can guarantee performance and security does it fulfill its purpose. The foundation of these medical devices and systems requires comprehensive IT monitoring. Availability of devices, data transfer, and application performance must be kept under continuous observation. IT monitoring, or network monitoring is not new. However, many solutions do not offer the possibility to integrate medical devices into the monitoring concept. 

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Data Security

Security plays an important role. Hospital IT is no longer isolated. IT’s entwined with various institutions placing extremely high expectations on firewalls, virus scanners, and intrusion detection systems.

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