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Aruba Installation

Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, believes that the most dynamic customer experiences happen at the Edge. As an Aruba Platinum Partner, DataVizion’s mission is to deliver innovative solutions that harness the power of the Edge to support the mission and drive positive outcomes for our customers.

Drive Positive Outcomes

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Enterprise-Class Security Solutions

Remove the burden of security management and digital risk. We'll instantly takedown external threats and configure your firewall. Our dedicated team of experts will gather criteria, accelerate requests, and modernize workflows to block threats before they happen. No phishing, fraud, or malware in sight.

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Aruba Zero-Trust Security

An integrated security framework for networking and security teams provides visibility and network control for devices and users who connect from anywhere. Aruba combines security components across the campus, branch, and cloud-connected network infrastructure for added security, advanced threat detection and response, and secure network access control. Protect millions of users, IoT devices, and vast amounts of distributed data.

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Access Points, Gateways, and Switches. Oh My!

Aruba wireless access points deliver simple, fast, and secure connectivity. Aruba's gateways offer features that allow organizations to optimize Wi-Fi and wired segmentation experiences for end-users. Aruba's comprehensive switching portfolio offers ideal solutions for access, aggregation, core, and the data center.


DataVizion proudly offers Nutanix installations in Lincoln and surround areas. Instantly complete all your IT tasks on a unified cloud platform. 

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Simple to Manage

“You can easily monitor and manage all your applications, VMs, and other resources from a single console, no matter the size of your infrastructure.”


Easily Scalable

“Nutanix installations provides a way to scale up your architecture without compromises that can’t be avoided in the case of most legacy solutions.”

Highly Secure

“The ever-evolving nature of cyber threats has turned data security into an, especially thorny issue. Conventional hypervisors cannot be said to fully comply with the security requirements as long as they interact with hardware and software from different manufacturers. In contrast, Nutanix AHV, the platform’s native hypervisor, is free of such vulnerabilities.”

Resilient to Failure

“It is a common practice to utilize clients dependent upon a central management VM or even a third-party database source. Such infrastructure models are prone to a single point of failure vulnerabilities, which can lead to downtime in business-critical operations. One of the key benefits of Nutanix is the ability to self-heal.”


“One of the main benefits of Nutanix installations is that AHV, the hypervisor, doesn’t require an additional license to receive analytical data from its environment. AHV doesn’t need to send data to a separate database.”


CRITICALSTART stops breaches by using a zero-trust approach to security. A Zero-Trust Engine (ZTE) analyzes every event generated by our customers’ security tools. Any event determined through previous investigation to be a false positive is resolved automatically. All other events are escalated to the CRITICALSTART CyberSOC. False positives are fed back into the ZTE for future auto-resolutions. True positives are responded to by the SOC analysts using the full capabilities of the integrated security tools. CRITICALSTART will perform endpoint monitoring for the identification and resolution of known malicious files, including suspicious script, command line activity, and network connections. 

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Firewalls Configuration: Palo Alto Networks

DataVizion’s Next-Generation Firewalls Configurations in Lincoln and surrounding areas take traditional firewall services like packet filtering, network and port address translation, and VPNs, and add on features like quality of service (QoS), URL filtering, and SSL, SSH, and deep-packet inspection. With the growing number of application-based attacks at higher levels of the OSI network stack, these firewalls use application awareness and reputation-based malware detection, which helps block malware before it enters the network. We partner with Palo Alto to offer a low-cost, all-in-one solution to improve basic device security through inspection, filtering tools, awareness, and protection services.

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