Happy Cyber-Security Month!

Date Posted: 
October 10, 2022

The scariest part of I.T. matches up with the spooky season. October is National Cyber-Security Month, and we want to make sure you’re avoiding scares. It’s always a good idea to make sure your tech is up to date, so you’re not risking any breaches of information. Whether you're protecting a business or keeping a whole campus secure, we've got the newest tactics for you.

This month’s theme is See Yourself in Cyber. It’s a reminder that cybersecurity is not just for large companies or important projects, but should be a part of everyday life for the average Joe. 

Why It Matters

Communication has never been easier and never been so important. A century ago, computers were still science fiction. Now, not only does everyone have access to hyper-capable technology, they rely on it. That means people that want to take advantage of your security are a threat to your basic functionality. Being cyber-safe is more than important. It’s indispensable.

4 Things You Can Do

Enable Multi-Factor Authentication - A password  can’t be the only thing between you and disaster. There are devices designed specifically to run through thousands of passwords in a blink of the eye, trying to crack your personal code. With two factor authentication, you’re double-defended.. Even if someone manages to find your password, you will automatically get a code sent to your personal email or device, and the hacker can’t get in without that code. Plus, you get the notification that someone was trying to get in, so you know it’s time to change your password ASAP. 

Use Strong Passwords - Please don’t use your birthday. Simple passwords are easy to remember, but they’re also easy to guess. Use a lengthier, more complex password that includes numbers and symbols. That way, it’s much harder to guess your code and get into your account. 

Recognize and Report Phishing - Technology gets smarter but people will always be easy to trick. It’s incredibly common to send fraudulent emails in an attempt to get people to share information. These days, you may even get a pop-up asking you to call a number, or a call or text from a number you recognize that turns out to be a stranger. It’s always good practice to not clink on any links you were not expecting to receive. If an email or text message looks odd, delete it and report it. If you get a pop up asking you to call a number, call your IT provider instead to ask about the authenticity of the message. 

Update Your Software - Software updates roll out when there are bugs to fix and cracks in program infrastructure. Keeping your devices updated keeps you safe, plain and simple. 

Taking care of your technology is the same thing as taking care of yourself. This month, take a few minutes to check that all of your devices are safe and up to date.


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