Need Convincing on Zero-Trust?

Date Posted: 
November 10, 2022
Managed Security

You have your security cameras in place, along with steel doors and 15-foot fences with electric barbed wire. Yet, you are on vacation and realize, miles away, that you left the back door open.

If there is one thing that can break through the tightest security, it is good ol’ fashioned human error. Only one solution can ensure every crack is sealed. Trust no one. Sounds intense, but when it comes to cybersecurity, there are many reasons Zero-Trust is becoming the norm. Let’s dive into one of them.

What Am I Risking?

Attacks are more sophisticated now than ever before. And the cleverest ones don’t go around people; they use people to get through. Cyber-criminals rely more on file-less malware, phishing scams, and other tricks that are trickier to trace or predict. So even after the attack, it’s less and less likely that authorities will be able to track down the perpetrator. If your business falls victim, it could cost you millions of dollars in ransom or even your entire livelihood.

It sounds mysterious, but zero trust means precisely what it says on the tin: your computer doesn’t trust anything. Down to the specifics, you determine which information is trustworthy. You’ll still be able to open work-related files, send emails that need to be sent, or have easy access to your servers. The difference is anything that you haven’t told the computer to allow will be blocked. This way, the computer doesn’t have to “trust” that you and your staff will always get everything right.

Why So Intense?

No matter how much training we undertake or how much working knowledge we build, everyone’s prone to making mistakes. With one wrong file or mis-click, we’re steeped in security threats. The zero-trust mindset is your failsafe. With zero trust, a misclick doesn’t become catastrophic for your business, and the proper safeguards are in place should an employee make a mistake; no one needs to feel the pressure of perfection.

So, How Do I Get a Zero-Trust System?

Well, you’re in the right place! DataVizion has the zero-trust model down. We’re ready to cover all your bases. Contact us at DataVizion.


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