The CIO of Today Looks A Lot Different

Date Posted: 
July 8, 2022
Remote Workforce & Mobility

It’s time for change. Don your new IT armor and step out into the sun, ready to face the world. You will fight many battles. You will face major challenges. But you will return transformed–ready to be the CIO this new world needs.

The job of the CIO used to be consistent. They would work with the technology a company already had in place. They kept internal systems running smoothly, but rarely had to change the way things were already being done. The modern CIO can no longer move with the status quo.

What Caused The Change?

Say it with me now: The Pandemic. Previously, the tech world was changing daily–but the business world was more stable. Not so anymore! When the pandemic ramped up, there was a rapid change from working in the office to working at home. Many businesses have hybrid workplaces full time. It‘s the job of the CIO to adapt internal IT structures to the changing expectations of employees and clients.

What Are The New Responsibilities?

The work of the CIO affects every aspect of your business. It’s their job to make sure all employees are able to seamlessly work together. Before, that meant in the office. In modern times, the CIO needs to be prepared to work with employees in their homes and on their schedules. 

They also need to plan for the future. The new CIO needs to make sure their current systems of data management will hold up in case of a disaster, internal or external. They also need to anticipate what aspects of their IT structures need to be modernized, and how frequently those updates should occur.

Constantly looking toward the future seems daunting, but it all comes down to their approach to the average day. When dealing with general business operations, make sure you’re keeping these things in mind:

What Does It Take to Be The Best CIO?

  1. A Well Rounded View of the Company - The CIO needs to have an idea of how every aspect of a business is operating. To meet business needs and plan ahead, they should have eyes in every room.
  2. Adaptability - The CIO needs to be able to adjust at a moment’s notice and have plans in place to handle whatever issues may come up. Their job is unpredictable at the best of times. They need to be someone who likes to roll with the punches.
  3. Care - CIOs need to be able to adapt to employee needs and expectations, too. Not everyone will have the same level of IT experience. Whether it’s as simple as making sure people are able to set up home computers or as complex as pinning down specific data analytics, the CIO should have operations in place.
  4. Communication - They stay on top of an ever-changing landscape so no one else has to, but there’s no point if they’re not passing information along. The CIO should be able to judge when to share their expertise and explain their course of action. 

Navigating the IT landscape can feel like being dropped into the ocean without a boat. Planning for the future while managing the now can be overwhelming. Our experts at DataVizion can help.


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