Case Study

Being There When Tragedy Strikes


Excel Development Group




Excel Development Group (one of DataVizion’s longest standing clients) and a company possessing a mission to provide affordable housing for those in need, experienced a fire in 2008 at their corporate site in Lincoln. Smoke damage was widespread. An urgent call was made to a DataVizion engineer. The DataVizion team was onsite within an hour on a Sunday afternoon to assist with removal of the business servers and equipment that could be salvaged.


It was essential that Excel’s servers be housed at another facility.
DataVizion client, Tuttle, Inc., was happy to lend a hand and willingly agreed to house the equipment. DataVizion team members were able to securely move and store the undamaged servers at the Tuttle facility. A virtual private network was established —allowing all Excel personnel to work remotely online from their homes without any interruption to their day-to-day workload. DataVizion’s VPN established a secure, encrypted connection between personnel members’ computers and the internet, providing a private tunnel for their data and communications while still utilizing a public network.


Excel avoided a full network outage. Unplanned downtime can never be predicted. Routine operations remained unchanged. Productivity remained high; there was not a loss in revenue; data was safe. Critical information was maintained, and a recovery process was avoided. We all know that natural disasters can damage or destroy your network devices, power backups, and communication systems without any prior alerts. Excel has developed over 1,300 low-income housing units totaling over $200 million in development, not to mention over 1,000 market-rate senior housing units. This mission is one of altruism. Goodwill is the one and only asset that competition cannot undersell or destroy.


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