Case Study

Secure and Scalable Wireless Solution

DataVizion partners with Aruba Networks to bring Midland University a secure wireless solution to support current needs and meet growing demands.


Midland University, a private liberal arts college in Fremont, Nebraska.




A sharp rise in student enrollment combined with an increasingly mobile environment made it clear that it was only a matter of time before Midland University’s current wireless network infrastructure would no longer keep up with demand.

Doug Ullman, Director of IT Infrastructure at Midland University, sought to update its aging Meru network with a secure, scalable enterprise WLAN offering robust, centralized management tools. All signs pointed to Aruba Networks and DataVizion was the partner of choice.


DataVizion and members of the Aruba Network’s engineering team partnered with Midland University to develop a comprehensive deployment and management plan.

The plan included dozens of indoor access points (APs), along with multiple AP175 outdoor access points and several Aruba mobility controllers. Midland also selected a combination of Aruba mobility access switches.

Other critical components of Midland University’s new wireless infrastructure provide centralized network optimization and access control. They include Aruba AirWave Network Management and the ClearPass Access Management System, both of which are part of Aruba’s Mobility-Defined Networks architecture.


With AirWave, Midland University was able to gain detailed insight into its Wi-Fi network. Information such as the types of devices logging on, the specific access points devices are connected to and the total number of devices on the network at any given time was at their fingertips.

Using a single platform, ClearPass provides AAA (Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting) services that allow Midland University to systematically manage network policies, secure onboarding, manage devices and admit guest users.

ClearPass also provides the ability to leverage Apple AirPrint, Apple AirPlay and Apple TVs via Aruba’s AirGroup technology.

These purpose-built solutions give Midland University’s IT staff the security and flexibility needed to quickly adjust the network to meet the needs of all users. No longer limited by their infrastructure, Midland University provides an exceptional user experience and the ability to cost-effectively scale up in the future as the campus grows.


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