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Weatherford Police Department turns to DataVizion for Managed Services and IT Infrastructure Support.


Weatherford Police Department in Weatherford, Oklahoma.




The Weatherford Police Department knows that staying ahead of ever-evolving IT security risks is critical to business continuity. As a government entity, they’re a prime target for hackers seeking to breach their IT infrastructure. However, with less than 40 employees, they lacked the dedicated resources necessary to fully manage their data network and its applications in a cost-effective manner.

The Department required a dedicated, responsive partner to continuously and proactively monitor its network. Responsible for public safety, the Weatherford Police Department also needed to ensure the partner they selected could provide comprehensive, 24/7 technical support to ensure the least possible downtime and disruption to their operations.


DataVizion was just the partner Weatherford Police Department was looking for. Our VizionCare managed services offerings provide proactive performance monitoring of the Department’s data network and its applications 24/7. Should the client encounter issues, we provide remote support services from a dedicated team of support engineers who are available around the clock. We also provide onsite support when necessary and regular network assessments to ensure security and optimal performance.


DataVizion works as an extension of the Weatherford Police Department’s team without the additional expenditures that come with hiring an internal IT professional. DataVizion’s continuous and proactive network monitoring and response to the Department’s day-to-day service requests has eliminated the concerns the Weatherford Police Department had about their network infrastructure, allowing them to devote their time and resources to public safety.


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“Given the nature of our work, if something technical fails, we can’t afford to wait. DataVizion works as an extension of our team and handles everything. They’re available during the day or after hours, whenever we need them.”

- Chris Cote, Weatherford Police Department Lieutenant – Detective Division


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